A Time for Change:

Welcome! I am Daniel Marshall, and I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Solano County Sheriff-Coroner in 2018.  I have worked as a law enforcement officer in Solano County for almost twenty years, and I have seen a tremendous change in the way recent legislation has impacted our communities.  With the passing of legislation such as AB 109, Proposition 57, and Proposition 47, a large amount of state prisoners are being released back into our communities.

The burden of Re-Entry and Rehabilitation has become the responsibility of counties to handle.  The goal is to break the cycle of recidivism by creating effective programs that incorporate education, job training, and job placement. Similar to Re-Entry and Rehabilitation, we need a successful process to assist with Mental Health and Homelessness. In my time working with the Fairfield Police Department's Homeless Intervention Team, I have worked with homeless organizations in Northern California.  I have a clear understanding of how homelessness affects our county.   Change can start in our jail system with appropriate social programs and pre-release planning.  Lastly, with reduced staffing levels county wide in law enforcement, it is imperative that we work to provide Efficient Services for our county residents and local communities.

I am confident my law enforcement background, leadership ability, and outside the box thinking is exactly the direction the Solano County Sheriff's Office needs. With your support and vote, we can break the cycle and create amazing change in Solano County.


Thank you

  • I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your support. The election results are in and didn’t go quite how I hoped. It has been a great and hard fought campaign over the last 16 months. Thank you all for the amazing support, donations, phone banking, walking, and many other ways the community has shown support. It is extremely humbling and I know a thank you is not enough.

    I wanted to thank my campaign team for their incredible work. They volunteered their time and truly worked tirelessly across this county. I definitely can’t thank you enough for the time you have invested. I am very appreciative.

    Thank you all again!

    Dan Marshall

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